Android is the name of an increasingly popular OS software stack for smartphones. (Where I define a smartphone as a hand-held computer that oh-by-the-way can also make phone calls.) Android is closely associated with Google. The Android OS is Linux and, therefore, is open source software (current Oracle lawsuit, notwithstanding).

It doesn't take much imagination to realize that if people the world over are carrying around hand-held computers full of useful apps, it can greatly enhance and even fundamentally change the way we communicate and interact with one another. Additionally, IMHO, Android (as an open source framework backed by a company with substantial resources) offers the possibility of weakening the innovation stifling practices of the telecommunications service providers.

As a programmer, I recently decided to get some hands-on experience with the Android OS, so last May I purchased an HTC Droid Incredible. Programming for the Android turned out to be a somewhat frustrating experience for reasons that I plan on discussing in future posts.

Even so, I managed to create a simple application called KidLocator. (See the link to a page describing the program on the right. The page contains instructions for downloading the program as well.)

For those with a compatible phone (e.g., Android 2.1), please feel free to download and use the app.

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